Chapter Policies

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Inclusion Policy Shadowmoor welcomes players of all race, color, creed, orientation, religion, physical ability, political preference, social background, etc. We ask that all players and staff work to maintain an inclusive atmosphere onsite and treat your fellow Shadowmoor players with … Continued

Races of the Oasis

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Oasis citizens are an unusual, mixed bag of people from many different nations, backgrounds, and races. The one thing they do have in common is their determination to survive in a land that is constantly wracked with hostile attention. It … Continued

What is LARP?

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Overview of the basics of live-action roleplaying and how Shadowmoor puts its own flavor on the subject.

Races of Amroth

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The people of Amroth defy expectations. The ideas and attitudes vary from nation to nation, yet they are all linked by common threads of fate and the fierce pride of Amroth itself. You can take on the persona of one … Continued