Races of Amroth

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The people of Amroth defy expectations. The ideas and attitudes vary from nation to nation, yet they are all linked by common threads of fate and the fierce pride of Amroth itself. You can take on the persona of one of these unique cultures, and explore the future of a new world through ancient eyes.

Dwarves – The dwarves of Amroth aren’t your typical beer-swilling, axe-wielding armored beardy guys. These dwarves still hold craftsmanship, quality, and idelas high, but their mountain holds harbor the foundations of philosophy, freedom, and ideals that every dwarf lives to uphold. Dwarven holds build massive stone ships that sail far and wide looking for trade goods, and new places to settle. They wear classical Greek-inspired clothing, and wield fine bronze weaponry. For more information on their culture, download the race packet.

Hobblings – Amroth’s hobblings live in the northern reaches, along the Great Ocean. Their villages and fortresses are made of thick, broad beams, and they thrive in harsh conditions that cripple most races. They are widely known for their stubborn pride, great honor, and stoic courage. They are more widely known for their longboats, however, and their raids on softer races for plunder and glory. They dress in early northern European garb, and are known for the edges of their throwing axes. To learn more, download the race packet.

Barbarians – The humans of Amroth live on the wide plains of Lostariel west of the Oasis of Shadowmoor. They live in nomadic clans, managing great herds of stout cattle, or in small villages farming their living from the land. They live in fear of the great city of Akadai, and the maurading Tyrant King who rules there with his iron fist. They are a tough, and hardy people, but superstitious and fearful of ill omens. They dress in thick furs, leather armor, and typically wield the largest weapons they can get their hands on. You may read more when you download the race packet.

Islanders – The Islanders of Amroth are a race of humans who have developed the ability to breathe underwater. They live on isolated island chains and can sail their outrigger canoes vast distances, navigating by the stars and by signs in the waters that only they can read. Very closely tied to the land and the water, their shamans have deep knowledge of the spirits and secrets of the seas. They wear Polynesian style clothing, and are famous for their black tattoos. Dive into their culture by downloading the race packet.

Lizardmen – A secretive race, the lizardmen live in the lush rainforests north of the Oasis, across the Ice Mountains. They watch the events of the world and record the annals of history by reading the omens of the stars. Masters of celestial mechanics, there is little that happens in the world that escapes the knowledge of the master seers of the Tochtec. They wear clothing reminiscent of Central American native cultures, and wield keen-edged weapons made from obsidian and bronze. Download the race packet to find out what lies in their stars.

Sampan – No one knows the winds of the seas and the routes of the oceans like the Sampan – elves who live their entire lives aboard great ships in even greater fleets that rarely make a port of call. These elves follow the winds of fate, wherever they may blow, and trade with everyone they come across. They absorb great knowledge, and live by strict codes of etiquette. They wear Asian-inspired garb, and wield light weapons that don’t get in the way of their sails and ropes. Take an auspcious step and download the race packet.

Wachagga – These tribesmen live to the far west of the plains of Lostarial, across the volcanic range that forms its western border. Their knowledge of the elements and the natural world have taight them how to use its resources, and are famous world-wide for Arushan steel, the finest that can be had anywhere. Scholars spend years at the Chuo Kikuu at Ndombwe, a university of great reknown, studying elemental magics and history, while merchants make call on the coast, at the isle of Pemba, trading fine goods for steel and spices. They wear traditional African-inspired clothing, and wield long spears, elaborate shields, and fearsome magic. Forge your way into knowledge when you download the race packet.

Sylvani – Not much is known about this wandering race of plant people. They can be found in any deep forest, always on the move in the warmer months, taking root in the winter as they raise their children through the colder months. No one is more closely tied to the heartbeat of the world, and rumors speak tales of hidden magics and spirits who talk only to these children of the forest. Learn more about their wandering ways by downloading the race packet.

Gargoyles – When things go bump in the night, or kinsmen go missing without explanation, rumors always include the gargoyles. Torches and pitchforks are popular whenever these evil beings come around – learn more by downloading the race packet.