Races of the Oasis

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Oasis citizens are an unusual, mixed bag of people from many different nations, backgrounds, and races. The one thing they do have in common is their determination to survive in a land that is constantly wracked with hostile attention. It takes a special breed of toughness to thrive, and yet many do.

Now, with their homeland astoundingly transported to a new world, mostly cut off from the trade routes and resources of their old neighbors, the people of the Oasis have a new suite of challenges ahead of them.

(OOP Note: All of the location and time references refer to the world of Tyrra, the world in which the campaign of Shadowmoor was originally located. If you are interested in creating an Oasis-based character, and wish to know more of the history behind the campaign, ask our staff and we’ll be happy to fill you in on more of the details.)


The most common people living within the Oasis, most of the humans are settlers from Orbonne and the Sutherlands in the migration of 597. Arriving with entire families, these tough farmers settled in the lowlands in what is now the western agriculture belt, stretching from Solace south to the edges of the Oasis, and east to Shadowmoor town.


The surface elves of the Oasis hail from the forests of Sahde, in the Sutherlands. Many arrived in the initial settlement in 597, but many arrived in small groups looking for druidic wisdom or researching ancient history. Since then, the elves have become as much of a part of the culture of the Oasis as the more common human families.

Grey Elves

The Grey Elves are an ancient race, recently reawoken by citizens of the Oasis. Their new home in the Ice Mountains somehow got transported along with the Oasis to Amroth – landing in the bay several miles off the coast. Their new island home is also the location of the College of Magic, honoring the ancient reverence the Grey Elves hold to the celestial arts.


Hailing from Borden, a trading freehold on the northern edge of the Sutherlands, the Two Axe and Truebeard clans settled in the Oasis very recently, during the gold rush of 605. Establishing their home in the abandoned town of Aragon, the dwarves now live in an uneasy truce with the orcish tribes remaining after the Frah invasion.


Most of the goblinoids in the Oasis arrived very recently, during an invasion led by the mighty Orcish druid Frah, looking to conquer the Oasis from the Great Druid. After taking the towns of Aragon and Solace, they regrouped around Aragon just days before the archmage Arinth transported the Oasis to Amroth. Now, cut off from their kin, with Frah lost and unheard from, the druidic but brutal orcs contend with the more ‘civilized’ citizens of the Oasis – including their neighbors, the dwarves of the Two Axe and Truebeard clans.

Bright Fae

The Bright Fae are often called the children of the Great Druid. It is well known that he holds these creatures close to his heart, and many return the favor with devoted service along the druidic path. One of the only peoples that have lived in the Oasis before the colonizations opened up, these mysterious people rarely make it into the towns, preferring to live in the wilder places.

Sylvan Fey

For better or worse, the fate of Eirinn, the homeland of all fae, is tied very closely with the Oasis. Sylvan Fey from all across Tyrra came to the Oasis to learn more about their homeland and find closer ties here. Many assist the druids in their tasks of keeping the land, others pursue their own path.

Dark Fae*

Wherever you find sweetness and light, and the happy things in great abundance, sooner or later someone will come to spoil the milk. The Dark Fae are few, and even more reclusive than their more optimistic kin, but the tie with Eirinn, the presence of so many hapy faeries to torment, and the opportunity to tweak the nose of druids everywhere is hard for a dark fae to resist.


These doomed people are cursed to forever be shunned from their homeland. Whether out of melancholy nostalgia or furious vengeance, many Unseelie find their way to the Oasis. For good, or, more likely, for ill, more than a few Unseelie call the Oasis home.

Wild Elves*

The tribes of the Wild Elves, like the fae, live deep in the wildernesses that surround the more civilized areas of the Oasis. Most follow a deeply druidic tradition, others uphold their tribal customs, but all defend the Oasis. It’s rumored that there was some ancient pact that hold them to the land, but if that’s true, the tight-lipped Wild Elves aren’t speaking.

* All of these races are restricted to experienced players only.

Note: All other races in the standard SOLAR handbook are considered Tyrran races in the Shadowmoor campaign. They are restricted to experienced players only. You will be required to demonstrate knowledge of Tyrran history as it relates to your character’s history to play one of these races.