Your First Event

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Shadowmoor is a unique combination of the best people, the best friends, the best stories, and the best fun that there is to have in Live-Action Gaming. We have a volunteer staff that is dedicated, creative, and engaged with the game, and we work hard to make sure that each player has a great time. Your first event is free – all you need is a costume!

When you arrive on site, you will check in, get your cabin assignment, and hang out until we kick things off. That’s ususally arounf 10:30pm. We’ll have an introductory meeting, new players will attend the orientation course, and the game will start. We don’t stop until the last day of the event, either. There’s no down time – you eat, drink, and sleep in-character! There is a slow period between 6 and 8pm on each full day of an event for characters to memorize spells, refresh daily abilities, and for players to relax and get some dinner.

Every player is required to spend some time each weekend working to help the game run. The easiest way is to play a monster – we supply the weapons and gear, all you need to do is show up and fight! You can also work in the kitchen, help with the clean-up crew, or many other little things that need to be done to keep things going smoothly.

When the weekend is over, just fill out your checkout envelope, drop your tags in, and let us know how you want to spend your build points. We’ll see you next time!