What is LARP?

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LARP, or live-action roleplaying, is a hobby that consists of acting, costuming, prop construction, combat, and improvisation. A LARP is a game where each player creates a character for the setting of the game, and then proceeds to act in that character’s role for the duration of the game. The cowboys and indans you played when you were a kid is just like LARPing, except that we have ways to find out who’s really dead when you yell “Bang, Bang!”

All LARPs have some sort of conflict-resolution system that helps to determine the outcome of an encounter when players come into conflict. It may resolve an actual combat, or whether or not a character has the ability to pick a lock, lift a heavy gate, or convince the king to sponsor his expedition.

Shadowmoor is a contact boffer larp – almost all of our conflict resolution rules revolve around combat – the rest is up to you! We fight with boffer weapons and ‘spell packets’, or beanbags we make with cloth, birdseed, and rubber bands. It’s safe, fast, fun, and exciting.

We play full-weekend events at King’s Mountain State Park in the northern reaches of South Carolina, generally one weekend every month in the warmer months of the year. Check out our schedule in the links above to find out when we’re playing.

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