Chapter Policies

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Inclusion Policy
Shadowmoor welcomes players of all race, color, creed, orientation, religion, physical ability, political preference, social background, etc. We ask that all players and staff work to maintain an inclusive atmosphere onsite and treat your fellow Shadowmoor players with equal respect. We also ask that you leave “out of play” issues and attitudes at the gate so that your Shadowmoor experience is as in-play as it can be. If you feel you may be unable to uphold this policy with regards to your involvement in Shadowmoor or your tenure as part of our volunteer staff, or you have an issue where the game as a whole is not upholding this policy with regards to your experience, we ask that you reach out to the game owners so that we can talk about it.

Minimum Age

Please note that the minimum age to play Shadowmoor is 15. Players of this age must be directly accompanied by their guardian at all times. 16-17 may play unattended as long as a guardian is on site at all times. 18 and above may come play on their own!

Pets are not permitted to stay onsite during an event. If you want to bring a pet for a short visit during out-of-play times such as Reset or Check-In, please check with game management first.

Drugs or Alcohol

Possession of non-prescription drugs, or alcohol, onsite will result in immediate expulsion from site. Don’t do it.

If you bring prescription drugs, you must keep them properly secured, and also alert game medical staff about pertinent medical issues and requirements as part of check-in.

Open Flame

Open flame is not permitted onsite – this includes candles, oil/incense burners, fireworks, smoke bombs, etc. The only exception to this is in Lodge buildings with built-in fireplaces, where fire is permitted to be built in the fireplace if it passes cleanliness and safety inspection. In those situations the fuel must be provided by the cabin occupants – no chopping down state park trees!

The fireplace flame must be monitored at all times by a living human being and fully extinguished upon leaving the cabin. Additionally, other common-sense measure for fire safety (keeping flammable items away, leaving airflow to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.) must be strictly observed. Always check with game management if you intend to build a fire onsite.

Standalone Tents, Anchored Pavilions, Trailers, etc.

Standalone tents, trailers, etc. are not permitted onsite without specific approval by game management well in advance. Please don’t bring a tent to site and expect to receive approval to put it up at check-in. The park is very strict about the location and setup for tent stakes and poles, as well as where large items like trailers may be driven onsite (almost nowhere), so we typically have to deny such requests outright.