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Author Topic: Bonesteel Armory - Boffer Weapons and Generic/Custom Costuming  (Read 4736 times)

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Bonesteel Armory - Boffer Weapons and Generic/Custom Costuming
« on: January 06, 2014, 11:19:29 AM »
My priorities go to making an event run first. I'm still making things, but my lead times have moved to "well, well, WELL in advance" for anything custom.

Current custom commission status for March-April events: CLOSED
Current commission status for May and beyond: OPEN
Thrifty LARP gear for sale anytime: Facebook Gallery

A minimum one month lead is required on all custom orders (meaning, custom orders must be placed at least one month BEFORE you need your weapon...or even earlier if possible).  Generic orders placed for an event, during the month leading up to that event, will be limited to stock on hand.

How to order
PM me on the boards or email at

Payment and Policies
Cash or check when you pick them up, OR...Paypal.  See for details.


See for pictures and details.


See for pictures and more details.

WeaponPrice ($)
Waylay Widget (black by default)5
Dagger/Small Weapon10
Claw (single) (black by default)10
Short Hammer/Warhammer20
Short Mace15
Two-Handed Sword/Edged20 and up
Two-Handed Mace/Blunt20 and up
Shield (all foam)25 for basic shapes (round, kite, coffin), custom shapes available
Shield (laminate)35 for basic shapes (round, kite, coffin), custom shapes available
Paint, decoration, etc.5 and up

Weapons come with a coat of Scotch Gard and are undecorated (gray) unless otherwise specified.

Please note that all the items advertised for sale above are for sale by me, personally, not by the game of Shadowmoor.
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Ordering Info for Weapons/Costumes

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