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Shadowmoor LARP

Who will you choose to be?


Shadowmoor is a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) based in King’s Mountain State Park, SC. We run monthly weekend-long adventures in an immersive high-fantasy world filled with wonder, danger, and mystery.

Shadowmoor is a rough-and-tumble town that rests in a resource-rich jewel known as the Oasis, surrounded by wilds and caught between several emerging civilizations. The world is wracked by cataclysms, touched by primal forces, and bound by fate. There is no central government and no royal or military authority. In Shadowmoor, the only bonds that hold sway are those of friendship (however temporary) and the strength of one’s arm and spells.

Prepare for your expectations and ideas of what a fantasy role-playing game can be to be challenged and changed. We invite you to join us and experience a truly different style of fantasy! 

White Shield with Sikes

Light-to-medium contact, point-based boffer

We use a point-based system for tracking damage received and given. We use light-contact boffer combat for the physical combat and cloth-wrapped birdseed “packets” for the magical combat. 

White compass


Our game relies on the structure of rules (click to download). Lots of what we do in terms of game mechanics is reinforced by our immersive ruleset. This allows endless opportunities for creative ways to apply those rules to win in various scenarios.

White spell book


The first season of Shadowmoor started in 1997 and has since operated on an annual season basis with events approximately 8 times  each year from early spring through late fall.  The game’s story and the characters you play can exist over long story arcs lasting multiple years. 



You will play your character for the full duration of the event (including while eating and sleeping) from Game-on Friday night through Sunday afternoon. We strive to create an “in play feeling” environment in all game areas, from your character’s costumes and makeup/culture to decorating personal cabins.


High Fantasy

Shadowmoor is rife with magic and playable magical creatures, such as Elves, Dwarves, Lizardfolk, Ogres, and more! Magic is both a part of our combat system and a part of our world lore. Kingdoms and tribes with their own powers and abilities influence a constantly changing world. You have the ability to impact this world for good or ill.


Player-vs-Player (PVP) Friendly

There is a mix of player-vs-player (PVP) and player-vs-environment (PVE) play styles at Shadowmoor. You are allowed to steal (game-value/in-play items) from, fight with, and even kill other player characters at your own discretion. Players are encouraged to take the actions that their characters would take, but to also consider the out-of-play physical and emotional safety and fun of other players.


Hear what our players have to say

"A wild world full of wonder and excitement where you can be anyone you want. Live a second life and tell a story you've always wanted to within the context of a living world."

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