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Your First Event

Shadowmoor welcomes you into a world of magic and adventure, but there are several steps that happen along the way. On this page you will find the basics of what you can expect before, during, and after your first event to make your experience all that it can be!

Before your first event

Who You'll Play

Player Character (PC)

Volunteer Role

The character created by the player that has a race, a set of skills (“purchased” using build points and recorded on the character sheet), and a history and personality of its own. Each PC is the protagonist of their own story and they interact with all the other PCs created and played by the other players.  

Each person who plays during an event is required to volunteer for the game for a period of time during the weekend to earn the basic build points known as “build blanket.”. This normally consists of spending your time as a monster that other PCs fight throughout the weekend or working a kitchen shift in the tavern. Currently, the work requirements are a 2-hour shift that can be broken up into quarter hour increments.

Registering to play

Your first event is on us! We're thrilled to welcome you to the world of Shadowmoor! Your first event with us is absolutely free! However, there are a few essential details to keep in mind:

1. Event Insurance Fee

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, there is a one-time annual fee of $10 for event insurance. You can conveniently pay this fee online under the upcoming event or bring cash to the event site. This fee covers your insurance for the entire year.


2. Money for On-Site Tavern

While you're at the event, make sure to bring some cash or pre-pay online for meals and snacks at our on-site tavern. Approximately $20 should suffice for your weekend sustenance. The tavern is a great place to socialize and refuel during your adventures.


3. Pre-Register for Accommodations

To ensure you have a comfortable place to sleep, it's essential to pre-register for a cabin. Please submit your request by the Sunday before the event. You can do this through the form provided on this page or by sending an email to


4. E-Sign Code of Conduct and Acknowledgement

Safety and respect are paramount in our community. E-sign our Code of Conduct and Acknowledgement of Participants Requirements waiver to affirm your commitment to a fun and respectful experience.

5. Proof of COVID Vaccination

In these times, safety is our top priority. Please submit proof of your COVID vaccination status, helping us create a secure environment for all participants.


6. Purchasing Future Event Tickets

For all your future adventures, you'll need to purchase an event ticket. Our events are packed with excitement and challenges, so be sure to secure your spot! 

Register for a Cabin

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

During your first event

What to expect

Our game runs from Friday evening ~11:00 PM and lasts until Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM. During this time, you'll eat, sleep, and adventure in play. 

As can be expected, your first event is a little different than a regular event because we want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to make the event a success; so, we recommend you come well rested and ready to learn!

Be sure to...

Check-in and pay

When you arrive on site, the road will end at a large building, which is our tavern. The tavern is also where you will go to check-in, pay your insurance fee (if you haven’t already), and join our New Player Logistics Team to create your very first character on paper. If you have already made your character on your own prior to your arrival, then this process will go a little faster.

·    Staff for your cabin and creating your character will be present at 7:00 PM

·    Check-in staff (paying your insurance) will be present at 8:00 PM.

Attend Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies covers important site information as well as staff updates and announcements. This occurs in the tavern around 10:00 PM. Because game starts after these announcements (and cars are moved), we encourage you to do your best to be checked-in and in costume before Opening Ceremonies.

Attend New Player Safety Course

The primary concern of Shadowmoor staff is the safety of its players, and combat requires the most adherence to safety rules. For this reason, a mandatory safety course is given to all new players immediately following Opening Ceremonies before they will be allowed to participate in the game in any way.

Attend “Coming to town” module

After reading the rules and attending the safety course, it’s time to put our mechanics into practice. You will take part in a “coming to town” adventure (module or mod) Friday night that is for first-time players only. This module lets you combine roleplaying, skills, and mechanics all together in a risk-free environment.

After your first event

What's next?

Phew! Okay, so you survived your first event! (Hopefully, your character did too!) What’s next?


Don't forget; if there was something you didn't quite enjoy or think you may want to try, you may completely re-spend (redistribute your build points and all build earned after your event) your character until the beginning of  your fourth event. 



Drink lots of water, sleep, and take as many showers as you need to until you feel human again.


Watch for announcements from game staff.

We usually post in-play or out-of-play announcements on the website, the Facebook group, or Discord Channel. 


Purchase your passes for next event.

If you want to skip the long check-in line at your second event, you can purchase your event pass online HERE. Don’t forget to consider purchasing meal and snack passes!


Complete the post-event survey.

We are always looking to improve! Each event we will ask you what went well and what didn’t via social media and email. Your perspective as a new player is especially important so please fill out our survey.


Reach out.

If you have any lingering questions after your first event, reach out to the New Player Team on Discord or through email at


Reserve a cabin for next event.

You must submit a new cabin reservation before the next event. If you have a group you would like to stay with, you only need to submit one reservation for the whole group so make sure you coordinate with your friends.


Consider what your character is doing.

Between gathers the world of Amroth continues. During the time between events there are actions your character can take that may help progress their goals. You can email to discuss your character’s actions between events with staff and plot team members.


Purchase items from the Gob Store.

Working for the game or donating requested items earns you Gob (Goblin Points), which is an out-of-play currency that can be used to buy extra Build or items from the Gob Store. Check out what’s available and see how to place your order HERE

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