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In the same way we rely on volunteers to sustain the game, we use donations from players to help provide props and supplies for plot and other areas. We very much appreciate the generosity of our wonderful community but we have to balance our materials with storage space and usability so we only offer donation compensation for items that the game requests.

Amazon Wishlist

We maintain our Amazon Wishlist for items we need. Generally, we offer 3 GOB per $1.00 spent on items from this list. Occasionally, when items are critical, we may offer premium GOB rates but those will be specified with the request as it is posted on our Facebook page or Discord.

Spell Packets

We also frequently requires the purchase of Spell Packets for plot.

  • These can be made by players but are subject to review to ensure that they are save and qualify for use. The GOB rate for player made packets is 2 GOB per 5 packets.

  • You may also purchase and donate packets from Bradley Packets (linked below). We do not require a specific color. The GOB rate for these packets is 3 GOB per $1.00 spent.

Donation Policy 

If you purchase an approved donation, please email a copy of the Invoice to When you deliver the item to the Head of Plot (HOP) or the Plot Executive Officer (XO) they will write you a GOB chit or offer to send the receipt to logistics to have your GOB added to your record.

There may be additional opportunities for crafters to make donations for the game. These include tabards for Monster Town or phys reps for auction items. When these opportunities are posted or communicated, the specific GOB rate for the request will be provided.

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