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Marshal Notes

Marshal Notes are part of the safety system used to ensure the separation of in play and out of play when cabins and other occupied areas are used during the game. 

Marshal Notes serve two primary functions: 

  1. Identifying Magical In Play Protections for Characters – You will use a portion of the Marshal Notes to mark out the locations of guardians and magical barriers you can set to protect your character’s items and themselves.

  2. Safeguarding Occupants and Out Of Play Possessions – The Marshal Notes identify the individuals occupying the cabin who are allowed to be inside. Also, you can designate containers or locations where you are keeping out of play possessions and ensure that characters who may be looking for gold and trinkets do not walk away with anything that does not belong in the game.

The Marshal Note System

  • Every occupied cabin on site must have a set of Marshal Notes. This form can be completed by anyone staying in the building and must be placed on the porch or in another location visible and easily accessible from the porch.

  • Rogue Marshals are the only staff members who are allowed to view a cabin’s Marshal Notes. If another character or a plot member is attempting to enter the cabin of a player, they must first find a Rogue Marshal. (Rogue Marshals are Game Owners, Steering Committee Members, the Head of Plot, and Plot Executive Officers.)

  • Rogue Marshals will use the Marshal Notes to ensure that invading thieves are confronted by all the cabin’s in play protections. They will also prevent players from accessing restricted areas of a cabin or taking out of play items. 

  • You must complete your marshal notes correctly and abide by all the rules regarding cabin guardians and protections or they will fail during a raid.

Marshal Notes: Step-by-step How-to

Marshal Notes have 2 pages containing 7 different sections. Each section is covered in the slides below. 

Should you have any questions about filling out these notes, feel free to seek out a staff member on site. 

Step 1: Occupant List

This area is used for listing the real names of the people staying in your cabin. The benefit of listing the cabin occupants is for player safety and registration.


Staff uses this list to

  • Keep track of the individuals on site in case of an emergency, and

  • To make sure no one other than the occupants of your cabin are coming into the building.

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