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Weapon Merchants

In order to provide weapons for the game, merchants must be approved by staff. If you'd like to be added to this list, please contact

AJ Reid Crafts

AJ Reid (Thompson)

AJ makes eva swords, shields, and leather goods. Not taking commissions at this time.


Charybdis Studio

Alex Winslow

Here you will find unique and 100% artisan hand made products. You will find a wide variety of items perfect for LARP or Cosplay. Large or small gifts from LARP safe weapons, leather crafts, or even 3D printed props. For LARP weapon commissions, please refer to their Facebook, Instagram, or Ko-fi


Lucid Illuminations

Dax Brandeath, Keith Folger

Lucid Illuminations LLC is an artistic prop and cosplay business owned by Dax. They have 10 years of experience in creating unique props for fantasy LARPs and Cosplay. They specialize in accessories and decorations that involve crystals and stones, EVA foam style weapons for LARPs, crystal wands, fairy lanterns, crystal lanterns, resin casting, horns, cosplay props, foam armor, masks and much more.


Aerobyn Cosplay

Mel Fisher-Wellman

Maker of weaponry, shields, and widgets. Favorite things to make are the quirky weird requests.


Knight to Bear Arms

Clayton Harbaugh

Custom and standard weapons and shields.


Welded Dragon Studios

Peter Feldtmann, Emma Frega

Welded Dragon Studios creates everything from sculpture, woodworking, LARP gear and cosplay props.

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