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Transferring Characters

The following information covers the process and options for transfers of Characters from other SOLAR ruleset campaigns. Please understand that Shadowmoor does not conduct Character transfers or imports from other rule systems.

Things To Know: Transferring Characters and Storylines/Politics

Shadowmoor and Amroth have a rich and diverse set of cultures and stories that are focused on our game world. While at one time many Characters shared a world with other campaigns, that changed over a decade ago. The peoples of Amroth have very little to do with the world of Tyrra, and memories of other lands have already begun fading into history and legend. 


You should be aware that while your transferring Characters will be offered many interesting ways to engage with Amroth, there will be no stories or plotlines that heavily feature the history or peoples or other campaigns.


Likewise, Shadowmoor is a rough-and-tumble frontier town that rests in the wilds caught between several emerging civilizations. There is no central government, and no Baronial or Kingdom authority. Even the nature of the Planes and the land of Eirinn have diverged sharply from what may be familiar to your Character. In Shadowmoor, the only bonds which hold sway are those of friendship (however temporary) and the strength of one’s arm and spells.


In order to preserve the flavor of the campaign world, we ask that you not attempt to import any political relationships and rivalries to Shadowmoor as anything more than a memory and occasional story of days gone by.


Level Cap

All inbound Characters are limited to 30th level (300 Build) in Shadowmoor at transfer time. If you bring a level 30+ Character into Shadowmoor, they transfer onto the Shadowmoor books at 30th level, with their Build “spent down” to 300 based on the existing skills the Character possesses. They may then continue to earn Build on the Shadowmoor books, starting from there.


The Shadowmoor campaign design is geared towards a population with an average Character level in the mid-20s. We want to be clear on the design intent of Shadowmoor and stay true to that.


We won't prevent or discourage people from growing their Characters beyond level 30. If you choose to transfer an existing 30+ level Character to Shadowmoor, they will still earn Build as normal at future events and level up beyond that.


To begin the transfer process:


  • Please contact and provide the most current copy of your Character sheet you are able to obtain.

  • If above level 30, please indicate how you wish to have the Build spent down to 300.


If you are unable to obtain a copy of your Character sheet from your home campaign, please provide all your current tags from your home campaign and a summary of your build, and we will work with you to create a matching Character sheet.


If you are unable to locate any tags or paperwork, please provide a summary of your Build and we will consult to the best of our ability with other Logistics staff who can corroborate that information. We will endeavor to take you at your word on your Character’s Build until we can resolve any questions. Be aware that the Shadowmoor community depends on the honor of each of its members and this is no exception.

Resolving Incompatible Races and Builds

Transferring Characters of a race, class, or with special abilities and skills not available in Shadowmoor, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Outlying Character properties will be adjusted to match options available in the Shadowmoor campaign. Attunements and Old Guard Skills do not transfer under any circumstances.

For example if you are a Half-Dragon Elemental Lord who can phase into people’s gold pouches anytime after Saturday Reset...there’s not a lot we can do with that, so expect to be built as a Barbarian!

Makeup Changes

Be aware that some races use different makeup in Shadowmoor. If this applies to your Character race, Logistics will provide a reminder about any altered makeup requirements as part of your transfer.

Out-of-play Game Rewards

Gob, unspent Build or credits, raffle/donation rewards, special item credits, unused Life Tags, Season/Lifetime passes and rewards, etc. do not transfer from other campaigns.

In-Play Items and Money

In-Play items, formal scrolls, creatures, components, production, battle scrolls, money, or other resources with in-play value do not transfer from other campaigns.

Reusing Phyreps

For 2023, if you are transferring an existing Character from a defunct campaign and you wish to reuse existing physreps, the following options are available if you do not choose to take the 401k (see below) for your Character:

  1. You may transfer in up to three total items with physreps, per Character, in exchange for three formal-quality vessels of an individual formal value of Mastercrafted Gold or less. (For example, this is 19 formal space for a 1H weapon, or 20 formal space for a piece of jewelry.)

  2. OR, you may transfer in up to two total items with physreps, per Character, in exchange for two formal-quality vessels of an individual formal value of Mastercrafted Volcanic Bronze or less. This is 31 formal space for a 1H weapon, or 30 formal space for a piece of jewelry.

  3. OR, you may transfer in one total item with a physrep, per Character, in exchange for one formal-quality vessel with an individual formal value of Mastercrafted Adamantite or less. This is 50 formal space for a 1H weapon, or 40 formal space for a piece of jewelry.

It will be up to you to fill these physreps with new magical properties in play.

If magic items and money are a large part of your play experience, you will get the greatest benefits from taking a 401k option, which will bring you into play as a new Character with more resources at their disposal. See below for more information.

Shadowmor 401(k)

Shadowmoor 401(k)

What is the 401(k) about?

The Shadowmoor 401(k) is a program offered to Shadowmoor Players to provide the opportunity for an experienced Character to tell the end of their story in a dramatic and satisfying fashion, while providing the Player an opportunity to roll some of the time and experience put into that old Character into a new one. Players receive Build and Gob credits to spend directly into a new Character at a higher starting level, based upon the level of their retiring Character. 

Reasons to 401(k)

We want to be clear that we welcome Characters from other campaigns, and in no way will they be excluded from access to story, rewards, or other opportunities! If you’re playing Shadowmoor, you’re one of us now.


That said, there are some reasons you might want to let go of an old Character and their history, and many benefits to “going native”. We enthusiastically encourage transferring Players to consider making unique Shadowmoor Characters so that they can experience Shadowmoor stories while still playing with their friends, free of the baggage (both good and bad) of transferring a Character from another environment with different history, story focus, and Character dynamics.


To encourage making unique Shadowmoor Characters, transferring Characters receive the option of participating in a modified version of the 401(k) with their Character immediately at transfer time. (This option is modified in the sense that you can respend immediately, but we cannot offer the option of a planned multi-event story to end your Character’s arc.)


If you wish to plan a longer story, you are always welcome to transfer a Character at 30th level and decide to 401(k) them at a later date. Please be aware that planning such a story for a 401(k) is subject to staff availability.


The 401(k) option for transferring Characters is meant to provide an opportunity for Players transferring from other campaigns to fully engage in the world of Shadowmoor, while still receiving some benefits from the time and energy spent playing another campaign. We want you to have every opportunity to appreciate what the campaign has to offer.

Level Minimums

16th and above

There is no minimum level beyond the logical one of 16th for taking advantage of the 401(k) program.  The same formula for calculating Gob amount is in effect.  So a 24th level PC using the 401(k) would receive 900 Gob (24-15 = 9 x 100 = 900) to use on the new PC. A 16th level PC using the 401(k) would receive 100 Gob (16-15 = 1 x 100 = 100).

15th and below

In 2023, for Characters transferring at or below 15th level, there is no additional Gob bonus or access to the 401(k) Gob Store. However, you may choose to directly respend your entire Character Build into a new Amroth native Character at transfer time. If that transferring Character should have magic items, we will offer a modified version of the options previously defined in this document for regular transfers..


This option is great if you want to create a Character who is more tightly integrated with the world of Amroth as someone who has grown up there, and this option is meant give you opportunities to make that as easy as possible.


You are still welcome to transfer your Character and play them in Shadowmoor if you prefer, and experience the world through the eyes of someone who didn’t grow up there.

How to 401(k)

A Player may voluntarily retire a Character of 15th level and above to start a new Character with the following perks.


Starting Level

The new Character automatically starts at 15th level.

Gob Bonus

Amount of Gob added to the new Character Sheet is equal to 100x the level difference between the retiring Character and 15th level.



If a 42nd level Character is retired, the Player would receive 2700 Gob put on the new Character Sheet.

(42 – 15) x 100 = 2700


The total Gob may be spent on an updated Retired Character Gob Store List (see below).


A fraction may be automatically converted to Gold or simply remain on the Character Sheet in order to advance the new Character in the future.

Gob to Gold Conversion

Up to 20% of the Gob amount received from 401(k) retirement may immediately be converted into gold. This conversion may be done exclusively at Character creation. The eligible Gob total does not include any Gob previously on any of your Character sheets.

Plot and other Volunteer Build

If you wish, any unspent Shadowmoor Plot Build or Build from Shadowmoor volunteer activities, Shadowmoor raffle prizes, etc. may be applied to the new Character as well.

Gob Store Options for 401(k) Characters

To prevent long lines at Logistics, Gob Store purchases must be done as part of 401(k) Character creation before the event, not onsite. (If you miss that opportunity at one event, email Logistics after the event and we will handle it then.)


  • The regular Gob store is available in addition to the below options.

  • Limit of quantity purchased is raised to 10 per item vs. the regular Gob Store limits.

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