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Creating your character

Ready to get started making your first character? 

Creating your character is your first step towards adventure at Shadowmoor LARP. Choose an ancestry (such as Elf or Dwarf) and a class (such as Rogue or Warrior) to start, and then through a combination of your imagination, rules, and role play with other players, you'll start to build who your character is.

Before you dive into step 1 below, think about the kind of character you want to play. Has there been a character you've seen in a movie or maybe played before (in a previous LARP, tabletop, or video game) that you've enjoyed? Try building a character based around that. Remember, Shadowmoor is light-to-medium touch combat, and we frequently fight in different terrain at different times of day and night. We encourage you to consider what you feel the most comfortable and excited doing. If your first character doesn't quite hit the mark, you have until the beginning of your fourth event to change anything and everything about them, from their name, ancestry, and class to individual skills. 

Okay, let's get started! 

Step 1: Character background

Shadowmoor is located in the center of the Oasis and is neighbored by the towns of Docksides, Solace, and Aragon. You would be familiar with the rumors of Shadowmoorian Heroes (both good and bad). But the Oasis hasn’t always been on Amroth. Long ago, the Oasis was part of a different world known as Tyrra. But due to a series of events involving greater powers (a war and a sorcerer), the Oasis was ripped from the world of Tyrra and placed on this entirely separate world of Amroth where it is now. If your character is Tyrran, and you’re older than 20, you would not have been born in this world. If you’re Amrothi, older than 20, the Oasis (and Shadowmoor) is relatively new. 


For your first few events, we recommend you keep your character's background pretty open and start with the following:

·    Where is your character from?

·    Any family? 

·    What are they doing in Shadowmoor?  

Drawn map of the Oasis within Amroth
Step 1: Background
Step 2: Choose Ancestry

Step 2: Choose an Ancestry

Every character belongs to one of the ancestries that inhabit the world of Amroth. We encourage you to play any ancestry and cultural background that speaks to you. Some of the ancestries have sub-sets; for example, Elves include Grey Elves, Sampan Elves, and Primal Elves.



As long as you meet the make-up and costuming requirements, there is no restriction on which ancestry you may play from the list of available Shadowmoor ancestries below. Before creating a character, any full makeup or heavy costuming ancestries must be approved by the Shadowmoor Ancestry Marshal team via email ( or by submitting the request through the form at the end page. 

Drawn map of Amroth

Playable Ancestries

Step 3: Choose a Class

Step 3: Choose a Class

Similar to ancestry, every character is also a member of a class. Class broadly describes their natural talents; however, classes are not in-game and therefore do not have any bearing on what a character does for a living. Just because a Character is a Scholar, it does not mean that they are bookish or can only cast magic- they can still learn combat skills, but since they excel way more at scholarly activities, it will take them a little longer (out of play: more build) to achieve fighting skills. 

Each Player must choose a class from the listed below before making a character. 



The Warrior is the master of all things combat-related and can buy combat Skills that no other class may purchase.



Scholars focus on their ability to use magic and have easier access to unique magic and rituals other classes have difficulty learning.



The Oracle class is available to those in our community who are medically unable to enter combat.



The Templar is a warrior-mage perfect for those who wish to fight and use magic equally well.



Rogues are a Jack-of-all Trades class that can more easily learn how to backstab, assassinate, and poison enemies in combat.

Having difficulty choosing a class? Try taking the quiz below! 

Step 4: Spend your Build

Now that you’ve decided on your race and class, it’s time to build your character sheet! A character sheet is essentially the same thing as you might experience in a tabletop roleplaying game- it’s a way for our game to keep a record of your character, the skills they have, and what new skills are “purchased” over time. The Shadowmoor game system is based on purchasing skills with a character's build points (Build or BP).

To help with determining your character’s starting build, we recommend you use the link below. To use this Google sheet:

1.     Open the link

2.     Click File > Make a copy

3.     In your new copy, start by inputting your chosen race and class

4.     Use the # of purchases beside the skills to determine build cost. You’ll want to stay at or just under your starting build cost.  

5.     Once you have a final draft of your character’s skills, print it out and bring it to site to speed up character creation.

Starting Build Points & Level

Build Points (Build or BPs) are used to buy skills for a character and to determine a character’s level.

Races start with 50 build. Every 10 levels of build equal 1 level, so either ancestry you choose, you will start at 5th level for your first event. 

Hit Points

Body Points represent the amount of damage a character can take before going unconscious. Your starting body will vary depending on your ancestry and class, so be sure to pay attention to those details. Your total hit points equals your body points plus any worn armor or magic spells. You will spend much of the game keeping these points in your head while subtracting for taking damage or adding for heals. Don't worry; we don't expect you to be perfect at this- do your best!

Selecting Skills

The Shadowmoor game system is based on the purchase of Skills. Whenever you buy a new Skill for your character with your build points, you will be given a permanent tag with the name and level of the Skill on it. You must carry your Skill Tags with you at all times while in-play in case a marshal, staff member, or plot member wishes to check to see if a character has a particular skill. It is your responsibility to keep up with your skill tags between events. We recommend bringing a 1-inch binder ring so you can clip all the tags to that ring and keep them in one place.


Since Skills must be bought for a character to use them, no character may try to use a skill that they do not have. For instance, your character must have the One-Handed Edged weapon Skill before they can use a sword. If your character does not have this Skill, they may not use a sword for any purpose other than a killing blow.

For a consolidated list of Skills and costs, see the Skill Cost Charts section in the Shadowmoor Rulebook. (Click to download)

There are six categories of skills for you to choose from for your character:

  1. Weapon- Weapon skills allow your character to use a particular type of weapon. For one-handed weapons, a player may use the weapon in either hand. This Skill allows the Player to call the base damage for that weapon 

  2. Combat & Stealth- These skills dictate what skills a character has while in combat, be it strength, weapon proficiencies, or sneak attacks from behind. 

  3. Production- The ability to create alchemy, poisons, potions, and scrolls. 

  4. Knowledge, Trade, & Craft- Any skill that a character may have learned through books or skill. 

  5. Magic & Formal Magic- Allows a character to use magic. In Shadowmoor, we have two “schools” of magic- Celestial and Earth. Each school of magic has 9 levels of spells that must be earned in a “pyramid.” After a character has learned their first 9th-level spell, they may choose to pursue formal magic as an in-game way to create magic items, summon creatures, and identify objects (amongst other things). 

  6. Special Abilities- Some races have access to special abilities (such as resists). Should a character want to possess those abilities, they must be purchased (unless noted as free).

Recommended Starting Builds

Not sure where you'd like to start for your first event? Don't worry; we’ve created a list of recommended starting builds based on the class you may like to play. Feel free to print out your chosen build to bring with you or make a copy and use these as a starting point in customizing your character. 

How to:

1. Open the "View Starting Builds" link below

2. The first page is blank, switch between the tabs at the bottom to see the different builds 

3. If you'd like to make adjustments, Click File > Make a copy

5. Print or save your final build to your phone and bring to site for new character logistics. 

Character builder
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