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Orcish tradition is one of blood, rage and loss. As a people, the orcs followed their liege, Frah, in a failed attack on the Great Druid(ess) and the Oasis. With their army destroyed, the Orcs assimilated into the mining town of Aragon, living side by side with their traditional enemies … Dwarves.

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Orcish tradition is one of blood, rage and loss. The Orcs assimilated into the mining town of Aragon, living side by side with their traditional enemies … Dwarves.

Costuming & Makeup

Orcs tend to wear clothing made of rough leathers, makeshift armor, and worn fabrics but may dress in any fashion.


  • All exposed skin must be covered by green make-up. 

  • Must wear tusks at all times. (Unless eating, of course!) Tusks are usually made from “friendly plastic” and must be at least 1” long.


  • Many Orcs have bright red or orange hair

  • +2 Strength.   

  • +20 max body.   

  • May purchase any weapon skill at -2 build, minimum of 1 build point. 

  • +1 body gained for each purchase of the Fortify skill* 

* Example: If your character is a warrior, instead of getting +3 Body for each fortify skill purchased, you would receive +4 body. 

  • Read Magic costs double.  

  • Purchase Read/Write at double cost.




The town of Aragon is a mining community in the Oasis. The people of Aragon consist of two very different peoples: the Dwarves and the Orcs. These (once) natural enemies have learned to coexist in some weird symbiotic relationship that has become mutually beneficial. In the mines, the two folk work in relative harmony, thriving on the task at hand. In town, the two people live in separate sections but share a common central marketplace that encourages a mingling and cooperative living.


Legends & Folklore

The Conclave:

Frah’s most powerful followers, the Conclave Trolls, once the enforcers of Frah’s will on his army of Orcs, are now used by Orc mothers to make sure that their offspring do as they are told. “Eat your food or the Conclave will come for you,” is often used to make sure that Orc children behave in a manner befitting their people.



Orcs have settled into one of two lifestyles: community minded miners or war band centric nomads. Within Aragon, the Orc community has embraced the familial aspects of Frah’s teachings and solidified their position in the mining town. Led by Frah’s former Druids and faithful, the Orc community believes that the strength of their bodies leads to the strengthening of their people. They work hard, play harder, and drink hardest. The warband that left Aragon and took to the Plains of Lostriel have come to be known as the Urde. Led by Khoz Korvo, they have taken to the ‘Old Ways’ roaming the steppes, and living by the strength of their axes and the bond of chosen blood.

Daily Life

Daily Life

Whether working the mines or travelling the steppes, Orc life is epitomized by strength. Strength of the arm swinging the pick or thrusting the spear, power is all. Within the mining town of Aragon, power is maintained through the liturgy and charisma of the Faithful of Frah, those Druids maintain stability in an otherwise volatile people. 

The Faithful of Frah channel all the natural aggression and physicality of the Orc into promoting a strong work ethic and sense of community. The Urde follows the ‘Old Ways’ and roam the steppes as raiding nomads. The Urde live on their mounts, which range from horses, dire wolves and even raptors (captured and trained as elite warmounts). They have learned, very quickly, how to survive on the Plains of Lostriel and have adapted to live in the harsh environment.



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