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Gob Store

In exchange for you time volunteering and donating to the game, Shadowmoor awards an out-of-play currency called Goblin Points (Gob). Gob may be spent on items, extra lives, build, and can also be voluntarily transferred to other players. 

Before your first game

Spending Gob

There are four ways to spend Gob


Gob may be converted to extra build using the build chart.


Extra Lives 

At Shadowmoor, a player starts with 4 lives and earns an extra life at every even level, capping at 9 lives. Although, you may find yourself feeling low and wanting to purchase more.


Extra lives can be bought for 50 GOB. You may purchase up to a maximum of 3 lives per event and must be purchased either at check-in or between events. 


A limited selection of in-game production, gold, items, and more can be bought here between events.  You will collect your purchased items at check-in. 

Lottery Bag 

Spend 50, 200, or 500 GOB for a chance to win loot! Roll 3d10 and let fate decide your prize - common or even rare items. Will you strike gold? There is no limit to the amount of lottery pulls you may purchase, drawings will be handed out before Opening Ceremonies Friday night. 

Transferring to Other Players

Gob is an out-of-play currency. As such, a player may transfer any amount of gob to another player's character sheet. Email logistics to arrange this transfer. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 1.53.49 PM.png

Build Chart from Shadowmoor Rulebook

Before your first game

Placing a Gob Store Order

You must submit your order online either through the form here or via email by sending the request to no later than Friday (one week) prior to the event.


In your gob order request, please specify  what you would like to purchase, quantity, and total gob cost.

For example:

(1) Create Formal Area Scroll

(5) Pure Sand Component 

Gob total: 40 

Note: Please be aware some items (like one-shots or lives) have a cap on how many you may purchase per month. 

Gob Store Order Form

Thanks for your order! You'll receive a confirmation email soon.

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