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Ready to Play?

Remember, there are two essential parts of the registration process. 

1. Click "buy ticket." This is where you can purchase your event ticket/season pass, insurance (only once per year at the first event you attend), and any meal tickets for snacks at the tavern. 

2. Register for a cabin. This form will allow you to register a cabin for yourself or your group to have a place to sleep. If you know which cabin you want to stay in, great! If not, leave that part blank. 

Calendar of Events

Register for a cabin

For us to reserve you a bed to sleep in and speed up check-in, we request that you fill out this form no later than one week before the event.  For the most accurate numbers, we ask that you please do not pre-register for more than one event at a time.


Please click to enlarge the image below to see a site map with cabin numbers. 


Cabin Registration Form

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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