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Site Information

Shadowmoor is located at Camp York in Kings Mountain State Park, South Carolina. 


Step-by-step Instructions

Shadowmoor is located at Camp York and can be found on Google Maps. However, often signal can be spotty. If this is the case, please navigate to "Bear's Den", a bar on the other side of Kings Mountain entrance (State Rte 705). Once you are on State Rte 750:

- In 1.1 miles turn left onto Camp Cherokee Rd.
- In .6 miles slight right onto Camp York Rd

- Continue straight onto Fire Rd. 

- This road will dead-end at a large building which is our local tavern.

Campsite Policies

Minimum Age

The minimum age to play Shadowmoor is 15. Players of this age must always be directly accompanied by their parent or registered guardian. Players aged 16-17 may play unattended as long as a parent or guardian is always on site. If not accompanied by a parent, all Players under the age of 18 must have signed Temporary Guardianship forms on file before participating. This guardian must always be on site.

Pets, Emotional Support Animals, and Service Animals

Pets and emotional support animals aren't permitted to stay onsite during an event. If you want to bring a pet or emotional support animal for a short visit during out-of-play times such as Reset or Check-In, please check with Game Management first. If you have a trained ADA-compliant Service Animal and wish to bring them onsite with you, please contact us well in advance of the event so we can discuss appropriate arrangements. Please be aware that for the safety of everyone involved, it may be dangerous and not recommended for Service Animals to enter in-play areas where combat may take place, which is most of the game space during an event. This unfortunately limits both accessibility and the viability of animals of any type at an event.

Drugs and Alcohol

Possession of illegal substances, prescription drugs without a prescription, or alcohol onsite will result in immediate expulsion from site. Prescription drugs must be secured appropriately and not distributed to any individuals who are not named on the prescription. Please alert game medics about medical issues and any medication or emergency response requirements as part of Check-In.


Smoking and vaping are permitted onsite exclusively in the following areas:

·    The Tavern’s back porch

·    Cabins, with the express consent of each cabin occupant

This covers pipes, cigars, cigarettes, vape pens, etc. Note that hookahs are considered “open flame” and prohibited in cabins. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else on site. Players must clean up all stubs/butts and leavings. Players are also encouraged to pick up and throw away any stray butts they may find around the site from other occupants, as it prevents Shadowmoor from being fined for littering.

Volunteer Medics and Emergency Response

Shadowmoor’s volunteer medics are first responders if any participant is seriously injured playing the game, and they have basic first-response training and emergency response supplies available. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have a medical concern. However, medic Staff are Player volunteers. Like other volunteer positions in the game, they aren't acting in any official capacity as part of a medical organization. If you have a serious medical issue onsite requiring professional medical attention from a trained physician – something that our volunteer medics can’t safely or effectively help you manage – our Staff will assist you with contacting an ambulance or hospital.

Open Flame and Space Heaters

Open flame is not permitted onsite, especially in cabins, including candles, oil/incense burners, hookahs, etc. Lodge buildings have built-in fireplaces, which can be used for a fire if it passes cleanliness and safety inspection. The fire must be monitored at all times by someone physically in the building and fully extinguished before leaving the cabin. In those situations the fuel must be provided by the cabin occupants and come from offsite – park regulations prohibit cutting down trees or collecting firewood from the park grounds. 


Additionally, other common-sense measures for fire safety (keeping flammable items away, leaving airflow to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.) must be strictly observed. Always check with Game Management if you intend to build a fire onsite.


Space heaters, whether electric or gas/kerosene-fueled, are not permitted in buildings.

Standalone Tents, Anchored Pavilions, Trailers, etc.

We encourage an exciting in-play atmosphere with appropriately decorated cabins and sleeping areas. Please be aware that space at the camp for these types of standalone items is very limited, and they come with some special out-of-play placement and in-play usage restrictions. Therefore, standalone tents, trailers, etc. require specific approval by Game Management. Please email Logistics before the Logistics cutoff for any event to discuss.


In general, the areas available for portable trailer “wagons”, etc. are limited to the main area of the site or a flat area near the stables. The paths leading to other cabin areas are unsuitable for transporting these vehicles.


All standalone tents, etc., must provide their own lighting and power, such as a boat battery or ultra-quiet generator. Generators are not permitted near cabin areas to maintain the in-play atmosphere and ensure the quiet necessary for intense roleplay, covert sneaking, and sleep

Parking and Driving Off-Road

Attendee Parking

Site parking areas for attendees are in the large parking lot to the left of the road approaching site, and along the road approaching site before reaching the cabin areas. All cars on the road must be parked on the right-hand side (as you are leaving site). This prevents impeding emergency vehicles and other cars from entering and leaving the site.


All areas near cabins and in the main campsite town area must be cleared of vehicles on Friday night before the game begins. Unload all equipment before Opening Ceremonies, and do not leave vehicles parked in these areas.


Parking areas next to the Tavern and Plot Cabin are reserved for game staff. Please do not park in these areas.

Driving Off-Road

There are some lightly-defined “roads” into the cabin areas which are paved with gravel. Vehicles driving into cabin areas must stick to these gravel paths. Do not drive off-road - this prevents tires from tearing up the landscaping, which can draw negative attention from park staff.

Vehicles are not permitted to drive into the cabin areas, even on the “roads,” when the ground is wet and soggy such as after heavy rain. This is to prevent vehicles from becoming stuck in the clay.


All attendees are required to clean up their occupied cabin/tent space and surrounding area before leaving site. This includes a formal check-out process. Shadowmoor staff do not stay late after an event to do the post-event cleanup.

Shadowmoor has volunteer site cleanup staff who will make sure Players have cleared their cabin area of trash, verify occupants have swept their cabin, document removal and return of any borrowed camp cots, and note any damage or safety/maintenance issues to be reported to the park staff. 


This check-out process has staff assigned to check cabins after Game Off on Sunday - early check-outs should still complete the cleanup process on their own and make sure to return their cabin documents to the Tavern along with filling out their Check-Out Envelopes. Please do your part to ensure Shadowmoor remains well-respected renters of our campsite.


Park Rules

The site where Shadowmoor is run is a historic South Carolina state park campsite and its buildings are historically protected.


Park rules prohibit the destructive modification of buildings and other structures, so installing nails, hooks, or other decorative features that alter a building is prohibited. You may not paint or mark the structures with permanent designs. You may also not deliberately damage, destroy, or modify any structures.


Because this is a historic site, however, other past occupants have violated this rule. Most usefully, you will often find plenty of nails to use to hang decorations. Regardless, we strive to treat the site better than others who do not call it their home, and we request that all Players make an effort to leave the site better than they found it.

Private Areas and Cabins

Decorations in a cabin or tent must be installed to permit safe game combat activity as much as reasonably possible. Do not position beds, stack boxes, or use decorations “defensively” in a way that may cause actual safety issues to another Player attempting to occupy the environment.

Public Game Areas

Public game areas - outside of public buildings, in the Tavern, etc. - are meant for the general use of the game. Game Staff who need to repurpose buildings for encounters and other activities are given priority. Decorations in public game areas must be installed so that they do not interfere with game activities or require them to be heavily rearranged by game Staff attempting to repurpose the space.

For example, a banner or tablecloth is easy to relocate, but an elaborate table full of loose props and boxes is not. If a Character wants to occupy public spaces to run an in-game merchant activity or install large decorations and props, we enthusiastically encourage this. However, the Players must supervise the space and fully clean up after themselves, removing these items from the public game play area when they are not present to use and interact with them.

When not supervised, loose props must be packed away in totes or boxes and placed in an out-of-play and out-of-the-way area. There are designated out-of-play areas in the Tavern suitable for limited short-term storage of properly packed and closed totes or boxes, but these should not be filled so much that Players cannot occupy the space to eat and rest.

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