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Merchant Order

If you’ve got the gold, they’ve got the goods!


Whether you favor the Solace General Store or you like to stock up on your monthly trips home to Hinansho, adventurers need supplies. While your in-play merchant contacts may vary, we have a streamlined the out-of-play order process so your time during the game can be spent making coin and not chasing down ways to spend it.

Before your first game

Placing a Merchant Order

  1. Download a merchant sheet before adding your entries. (Google and Excel versions available. Please note, you will need to create a copy to edit in Google Sheets.)

  2. Submit the form here or email the completed form to prior to the Friday a week before the event. If you are dealing with an in-play group you have established connections with, please include that information in the email.

  3. Bring your payment to Opening Ceremonies and pickup your order.

Merchant Order Form

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