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Throughout the ages, many individuals have long since been known as “oracular.” With sight-beyond-sight, these sages have predicted both the good and evil fates of Amroth. They have kept the traditions of their kind and have passed them down through many generations. These strange characters, often misunderstood or even villainized, have an eerie closeness to the grave, the night, and the after-life. Their wisdom has meant both salvation to those in need and powerful curses to those who would cross them. 

They have been known by many names: witch, sorcerer, hag, enchanter, but these brands do not define them. Powerful? Yes. Pitiful? No. They are Skilled, learned, and capable. Beware to those who could cross them. This is a Celestial Scholar Specialty class. A character must find an in-play teacher to “convert” a Column to a specialty school of magic. Furthermore, the character must reach 7th level prior to any Column conversion.

 The Oracle Class is available to those among our community who are medically unable to enter combat (orange headband) 

Helpful Tips

Interacting with Oracles in PvP

Oracles, like other Orange Headband Characters, may never be engaged in combat or PvP. They must make an immediate effort to physically remove themselves from the area of combat if it breaks out around them. Other Players are expected to take care to facilitate distance from combat, and the safe exit of an Orange Headband character from combat situations.

Oracles have several special spells and abilities to facilitate this rapid in-play exit, or occasionally allow them to safely interact with dangerous in-game environments or combat-provoking scenarios at a distance. However, this is not intended to make Oracles untouchable by normal game mechanics that would otherwise affect them if they were not Orange Headband status.

The Oracle class has the ability to activate certain protections that are only affected by spells such as Imprison, Disjunct, etc. Although it is not permissible to attack an Orange Headband character - including by throwing a packet at them - this restriction is in no way intended to make the Oracle immune to such spells.

Instead of throwing a packet at an Oracle to affect them with an Imprison, Disjunct, etc. the attacking Character must clearly communicate to the Oracle that they are using such a spell upon them, say the correct verbal, and the Oracle must take the effect. This operates similarly to the “Killing Blow” rule for Orange Headband characters. In this case the caster need not be within arm’s length but should be within reasonable combat distance of a thrown packet; there is no chance that the caster will “miss”.

All Players involved should act with good faith regarding issuing and taking such effects, and not stretch the intent of this rule by attempting to nitpick matters of distance or argue hypotheticals. Oracles are powerful and have unique abilities, but the intent of this class is to allow Orange Headband characters to be safely involved in exciting encounters, not to grant them superpowers or loopholes above and beyond what any other Character has access to. When in doubt, ask before assuming. And as always, in matters of a combat or PvP rules conflict, it is best to err on the side of your opponent’s advantage - this demonstrates Player integrity and keeps things moving.

Applying Rules 

Oracle Curses

The Oracle Curse Skill allows a Character that is an Oracle to place a limited curse on another character, available only to Oracle Characters. An Oracle Curse may only be cast with an Oracle’s dying breath—a rather unfortunate occurrence (Curse activates on the person directly responsible for the Character’s death once the Oracle dissipates or goes to resurrect). The curse lasts until the cursed character dies and is resurrected, or the curse is removed by the Oracle that cursed them. An Oracle may not have more than one curse active at one time. If the Oracle already has an active curse, then the Oracle cannot impose another one.

These curses are on par with the power of formal magic and may NOT be resisted in any way, even curses that mimic other spells.

  • 1st Curse of Truth: Cannot lie to or about the Oracle killed. (1 build point)

  • 2nd Curse of Flutter: Target has the Hiccups. Roleplaying only, does not affect spell-casting. (1 build point)

  • 3rd Curse of Hobble: Club Foot, must walk with a noticeable limp (does not affect combat, may still run/ dodge). (2 build points_

  • 4th Curse of Fright: Feared, as per the spell Fear (E,3). Must roleplay fearfulness of Oracle killed. (2 build points)

  • 5th Curse of Vomit: Nausea, as per the Nausea Gas, except does not suffer Strength Drain. (3 build points)

  • 6th Cure of Fragility: Weakness as per the spell Weakness (E,4). (3 build points)

  • 7th Curse of Pain: Curse as per the spell Curse (E,8). (4 build points)

  • 8th Curse of Glamour: Charmed to all Oracles as per the Charm (C,6) spell. (4 build points)

  • 9th Curse of Wounds: Target has bleeding wounds which results in -2 strength, can’t run and has half body. (5 build points)

  • 10th Curse of Terror: Cursed person is in absolute terror of all Oracles, will die in one hour from this fear and cannot be revived. This cannot be resisted or avoided by any means. (5 build points)

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