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The Negative Domain of Monsters, Chimrae, has spawned numerous monstrous races … none as formidable as the Trolls. The Krak’cuan sent in exodus from Chimrae to the Prime as their wish for self-sovereignty was paramount. Using the Trolls proclivity toward Earth magics, the eldest among them worked diligently to form a home for their people. Primal magics mixed with the Negative are never stable and the newly formed Trollheim suffers from a temporal flux. On the Prime, only two short years have passed but within the halls of Trollheim, it has been almost two hundred.

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The Negative Domain of Monsters, Chimrae, has spawned numerous monstrous ancestry, but none as formidable as the Trolls.

Costuming & Makeup

There are no costuming requirements for Trolls.

Makeup Requirements: 

Trolls must wear a base of purple makeup on all exposed skin and must choose between white, brown, yellow, blue, or green as a secondary color that must cover at least one third of the face. No single color may cover more than 2/3 of the total face coverage in order to differentiate between other makeup ancestries. Trolls must also chose at least THREE of the following: 

  • Horns 

  • Large pointy ears 

  • Prosthetic nose or chin

  • Tusks 

  • Six inch long fake beard 

  • Tail

  • +10 Max Body.   

  • +2 Strength.  

  •  Half cost for Healing Arts. 

  •  Half cost for First Aid.  

  • Free Combat Lore: Planar (Negative)

  • May never learn Read Magic




Trollheim is the home of the Trolls. This vast system of caves and caverns holds the untold variety that is Trollkind. A small city of the same name sits in the center of Trollheim, and is home to about ten thousand souls.


Legends & Folklore

Crystal Trolls: 

The Trolls revere the rare group of Trolls who seem to more fully embody the Earth and the Troll’s innate connection to it. The crystal Trolls are both very rare and very reclusive. A small segment of Crystal Trolls was ejected from Trollheim and set up residence near the Oasis. Within Trollheim, the Crystal Trolls tend to shun official titles and positions of power and to stick to themselves. Those few crystal Trolls who do lead a more public life often rise to positions of unofficial power - such as influential merchants or mob bosses.


The Primal, Negative, and Temporal magics that are responsible for the Trolls and Trollheim relocating to the Prime are also responsible for the creation of the vicious Cadibh. These creatures seem to have been created for the sole purpose of hunting down and eliminating the Trolls. These vicious beasts have an uncanny knack for tracking and killing Trolls, but there are rumors that it may be possible for these creatures to be tamed and trained (re-trained?) to seek out others with the same fervor that they dispatch Trolls. There are rumors that the Cadibh are simply the beasts of burden for a much more sinister and deadly group of Troll hunters. These so called “Cadibh alphas” are often used a cautionary tale for poorly behaved Troll children.



Trolls often have a ‘strength-comes-in-all-forms’ approach to society. That means that an individual must prove their worth to find their place within the societal structure. Not all Trolls can be great Warriors but if they are able to carve a place with their knowledge, their cunning or their craftsmanship, they will find a home in Trollheim. The elderly are especially revered within Troll society. If they have survived that long, they must have done something right … you should listen to them.

Daily Life

Daily Life

Trolls find worth in the striving for excellence. Being the best at something is the ultimate goal of every Troll. This, in turn, breeds competition. Attempting to prove one’s excellence causes rivalries and tensions that require vast amounts of fights and tests of skill. Since every Troll warrior cannot be the best at every aspect of ‘warrior-ness’, they hone one particular skill or style. Now, becoming the best at something includes being the best at being bad. Trolls who decide to travel the darker paths, truly become stereotypical villains.



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