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The rumors and stories about the living Gargoyles of Amroth are wide-ranging and bizarre. Rumors of their Necromantic creation at the hands of the Star King; of their macabre method of sustaining themselves on the souls of people they murder; of their farming of slaves; of their dedication to the destruction of the world. All of these rumors are true. 

Special Play Notes:

Playing a Gargoyle is one of the most unique ways to experience Shadowmoor. You can expect to be constantly hunted, killed on sight, and considered an enemy of almost everyone you see. In particular, Amroth native characters have grown up on stories of the horrors and atrocities committed at the hands of the Gargoyles. Merely by walking into town, you are a threat. However, you have the tools to keep yourself alive...if you can. You will be able to survive through situations no other race could, and come through stronger, if only you have the skill to do so. 

Because of the unique nature, you must be willing to die early and often, and keep it in stride out-of-play. You will be required to kill other PCs to stay alive - which brings about out-of-play issues. Be aware that any in-play information a player hears or overhears, whether or not they are in or out of play, on or off site, has the potential to be taken into play and used against you, so you’ll have to keep your activities secret. 

Many players dislike PvP play, so you’ll need to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and desires. In short, you will need to play in a very sportsmanlike manner, with the utmost of grace and courtesy out-of-play, even though your character is a mean, sadistic beast. 

Please note that there is a very tight cap on how many Gargoyle PCs are allowed to be in-play at one time, and that given the nature of the race and they way it must be played, it is a privilege to play one. In order to qualify to play a Gargoyle as your PC, you must meet these minimum requirements, and that beyond even these requirements, you may be put on a waiting list. Ultimately, the ability to play a Gargoyle is up to game management. We will work with you to help you qualify, but with very few slots available and high restrictions, we do ask for your understanding if you are told no. 


• Strongly suggested this not be your first Shadowmoor character 

• You must be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of game rules 

• You must be able to demonstrate the ability to show grace and composure under demanding game conditions (again, this is why we strongly suggest this not be your very first character)

 • You must submit a petition to game management

Interested in playing this ancestry? Send a photo of your costuming and makeup to a marshal here




The rumors and stories about the living Gargoyles of Amroth are wide-ranging and bizarre. Rumors of their Necromantic creation at the hands of the Star King; of their macabre method of sustaining themselves on the souls of people they murder; of their farming of slaves; of their dedication to the destruction of the world. All of these rumors are true.

Costuming & Makeup

Gargoyles have no set costuming requirements but tend to dress in darker colors to blend in to night time environments.

Gargoyles have grey, leathery skin, ridges and protrusions from their faces, and dark, batlike wings. 


  • Bat-like wings * 

  • Gray makeup on all exposed skin 

  • Grey, leathery skin, ridges and protrusions (horns) from their faces*

*You must be instantly recognizable as a Gargoyle, and the wings may not be hidden under cloaks or other clothing.

  • Immune to Pin, Trap (spell still pops shields), while flying.  

  •  Permanently Desecrated.*    

  • May purchase Resist Healing (5 Build, Every 5th level).  

  • May specialize in Necromantic magic regardless of class, and learn another specialty column later.  

  • May begin play with Necromantic specialization.

* Desecration is a condition that some characters are born with or can attain through in-play means that causes certain forces to be reversed when particular spells are cast on them. Please see "Desecration" in the rulebook.

Special Life Force rules:

Gargoyles may also steal the life force of their victims. This process begins by killing a player character. During the five minutes between the death of the victim and their dissipation, the Gargoyle draws the spirit of the victim into themselves.

  • This is phys-repped by the Gargoyle player using their hands in a simulation of drawing the victim’s spirit towards themself.

  •  This process may be interrupted by the Gargoyle breaking concentration or taking damage.

  • The Gargoyle may not talk or use any in-play skills during this process, in a similar manner as casting formal.

  • The result of this process is that the Gargoyle gains one resurrection on their character sheet. This feeding may only be used once per victim ever. Under no circumstances may a Gargoyle gain life force from another PC more than once. In order to gain credit for the life force, you must bring the victim’s life tag to the plot cabin and have it signed by a plot member. In the event that your character loses more lives than they have on the books, you may turn in a properly collected life tag to resurrect.


  • Gargoyles may not learn take any Earth magic specialty other than Necromancy.

  • Gargoyles may have no more than seven lives on their character sheet. If a character would gain a life when they are at his maximum, then the extra lives are discarded.

  • They may never spend Goblin Points to regain lives lost. Neither do Gargoyles gain life force upon gaining an even level - they MUST kill and feed to remain alive.



The location of a rumored Gargoyle stronghold is unknown and, many think, unknowable. Perhaps the Gargoyles have truly been spread to the winds to hide and hunt in small packs...or perhaps there is a growing kingdom somewhere distant where the Gargoyles are slowly gathering and growing their power for a future move against those who hate and fear them.


Legends & Folklore

Children of a Lesser Generation:

Older Gargoyles are always more powerful than younger Gargoyles. Each generation of Gargoyle is a weaker version of the original Gargoyles. The Star King’s Return Most Gargoyles believe that if they perform the correct rituals and use the life force they collect wisely and with cunning, they will bring about the Third Age of the Star King. There is no evidence that there are reliable documents or rituals capable of accomplishing this, but nearly every Gargoyle secretly harbors the desire of being the one to unlock the secret of their Master’s triumphant return.



As a Gargoyle, your former master, the Star King, has fallen at the hands of the people of Amroth and your arch-nemesis, the Sodiur race. Many of your leaders have also been destroyed since the resurrection of the Star King and his ultimate demise. The vast armies of your people have all but scattered to the wind or met their ends at the hands of their enemies. 

You exist as monstrosities in the shadows. What will become of your race as the Sodiur and the rest of Amroth continue their mission to destroy your people? Gargoyles have a very strict hierarchy. The more powerful, first created Gargoyles rule the lesser Gargoyles. Status and power are everything in Gargoyle society. Disobedience to a more powerful Gargoyle usually results in the greater eating the life essence of the lesser. The oldest and strongest of your people continue to maintain the hierarchy even after their losses. You must hunt, feed, and kill in order to survive.

Daily Life

Daily Life

Gargoyles are mistrusted by most of Amroth. They are considered to be evil creatures that spread plague, pestilence, discord, and unrest wherever they go. They were created by the vilest magics to serve an evil empire long defeated. According to many local legends (whever “local” may happen to be in relation to a Gargoyle) they steal babies and are the cause of all manner of abhorrent actions in otherwise sane men. In short, most people think Amroth is better off with them dead. Gargoyle players should expect their character to be hunted by any non-Gargoyle characters.



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