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The Warrior is the master of all things combat-related and is capable of buying combat Skills that no other class may purchase. A Warrior has no limit to the armor they may wear nor to the damage they may deal in combat, which is appealing to many. their maximum of seventy-five (75) Body Points is the largest amount available to any class. The downside of the Warrior, however, is that that magic is prohibitively difficult to learn, making it so few Warriors ever purchase magical Skills or spells.

Helpful Tips

Warriors are masters of combat and have the ability to deal nearly limitless amounts of damage to their foes. As such, our warriors sometimes find themselves having to make the decision on what skills helps them deal their damage. 

Strength Warrior: 

These fighters focus on pure physical strength and get benefits that finesse cannot match like extra damage with two-handed weapons, damage bonuses in each hand when using two weapons and the ability to break through some confining effects. This focus does cost them the ability to ever use spell casting, production and stealth abilities. 

Proficiencies Warrior:

These are more restricted regarding how damage bonuses are applied but fighters with only proficiencies can diversify and pick up skills beyond the direct combat sphere. This is an especially great path for shield fighters.

Applying Rules 

Calling Damage

Each time the weapon makes contact with the opponent, the Player must call the appropriate damage and the amount and type of damage being done (“3 Normal!” or “10 Magic!”). This allows the opponent to know how much damage was done, and whether or not it affected them (some monsters are immune to normal damage). The standard types of damage are Normal, Blunt, Silver, Gold, Mithril, and Magic.

To calculate how much damage you will call, you must add the weapons base damage (illustrated in the dimension chart below) plus any enhanced strength, proficiencies, or backstab skills you have purchased with your build. For example, if you have purchased “Weapon Proficiency +1” and are using a normal short sword weapon (damage of 2), you will say “3 normal” with every swing.

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