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Having answered the call of the a particular Animal Primal Force, Amrothi Wilders are Barbarians (or others) who have transformed into beast-human hybrids. Some are forsaken by their former kin, while others are fully accepted back into their communities, Wilders are looking for their place in the wider world.

Interested in playing this ancestry? Send a photo of your costuming and makeup to a marshal here




May not be: an amphibian/reptile or ape/monkey. May be: big cats (except black panther). May be: avians (except corvids such as ravens and crows), but cannot fly.

Costuming & Makeup

Clothing varies based on location and need. 


Whatever the creature you choose to represent, it is important that your make-up clearly identifies what you are playing. Prosthetics, furs, horns, feathers, and any other aids may be used to create the persona that you are seeking. 

All Wilders must have their makeup and/or costuming approved by a  Marshal during Character Creation at a Shadowmoor event.  You may do that in advance by filling out this form.  

Black and brown makeup: These colors may not cover more than 2/3 of the total face coverage.

  • May purchase Resist Disease (2 Build).  

  • +10 Max Body.   

  • Half cost for Herbal Lore.  

  • Detect presence (not type) of Alchemy, Poison, non-magical Disease after a 10-second sniff.   

  • Level 1 Tracking for free at character creation.

  • Cannot fly, if avian.  

  • Read/Write cost +2  build.

  • Read Magic cost +2 build.



Plains of Lostariel:

The vast majority of Amroth Wilders are of Barbarian descent and as a result, many of Amroth’s Wilders live on the Plains of Lostariel. There are several confirmed tribes of Wilders, primarily consisting of animals that generally congregate in packs.


Legends & Folklore


The unfortunate few that fail their quest to connect with their primal animal either die or become cursed...the Vucari. The Vucari remain mostly in their human form until a triggering event forces a more violent and bestial change to take place. The Vucari loses all cognitive functions and becomes little more than a ravaging beast, causing as much havoc and bloodshed as possible. Little is know about the Vucari because they rarely can be studied safely. Seaborne: The Seaborne are creatures of legend, a specific type of Wilder borne solely from the Islanders. Supposedly, these beings are Wilders who answer the primal call of aquatic creatures - sharks, dolphins, whales, and others. The Seaborne are said to be beings of two worlds, fully capable of thriving either above or below the waves. No one that has seen these beings has ever shared the story...if they exist at all.



Amrothi Wilders hold a unique place in society, since they are a race of beings that initially began their lives as members of other races. The majority of Wilders in Amroth are of Barbarian descent, but it is possible for other Amrothi races to answer the call of a primal force. As a result of their unique nature, Amrothi Wilder cultures varies greatly based on the original race of specific Wilders and the bestial nature that they embrace. The greatest difference between the Amrothi Wilders and their base races is that many of the Wilders will find themselves cast out from their former homes, and some will willingly embrace a life of solitude in the wilds.

Daily Life

Daily Life

Daily life for Amrothi Wilders can vary greatly. Those who remain amongst the society of their former races generally have lives that are very similar to the rest of their kind. They may get the occasional odd look from someone or a gaggle of wide-eyed children may follow them around due to their “exotic” nature, but many are able to continue their relatively normal lives. There are Wilders who find themselves outcast from their former homes; these Wilders can have lives that are very different and very difficult. Many of these outcast Wilders live a life of solitary subsistence, while some seek out others of their kind and form new communities consisting entirely of Wilders.



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