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Rogues are considered to be the jack-of-all-trades, with the ability to advance in nearly any direction with relative ease. The specialty of a Rogue, however, lies in the creation of Alchemy and Poisons, along with the ability to Dodge nearly anything thrown at them with dexterous precision. Their abilities in combat lie not in the all-out frontal assault of the Warrior, but instead from a surprise one-shot, well-placed lethal strike in the back as well as accurately placed Backstabs.

They are not as physically tough as a Warrior in a fight and are limited to a maximum of fifty (50) Body Points and restricted to wearing twenty (20) points of armor. The smart Rogue, however, makes use of Poisons and Alchemy to more than make up for those restrictions and often proves they are capable of being their group’s secondary fighter

Helpful Tips

As the jack-of-all-trades, there are many ways to play a rogue. We often see two categories: 

Production Rogue: 

Rogues who focus on production have a diverse arsenal of effects they can use for offense, defense and utility purposes. They tend to primarily use alchemy and poisons but can easily become potions masters as well. Those who are skilled enough can strike their victims from range with a variety of gases.  

Assassin Rogue: 

Assassins focus on stealth combat skills that allow them to punish unwary or distracted opponents. Hard to kill, these rogues are lethal in close melee combat and can quickly become some of the biggest damage dealers on a battlefield.

Applying Rules 

Creating and using production

Production makers must have required skills and prerequisites before being able to identify, make, and/or use their production. Makers must have level 1 to use ingested poisons, elixers, or solvents and level 10 to throw gasses.

A maker has production points equal to three times (3x) their Skill rank for each half of the game. For example:

Alho Rengate has 5 levels (15 points) of Create Poison and a Lab. 15 x 2 = 30 points to spend for Friday/Saturday and a separate pool of 30 points to spend for Saturday/Sunday, thus enabling them to create a 3 Forget-It-Well ingested poisons for the first day and 2 Paralysis gas and a Berserk ingested for the second day. Note that since they do not have 10 levels (30 production points) of Create Poison they cannot throw gasses, as of yet (Level 10 required).

Alchemical Costs:

Note: Herbal lore is a prerequisite for identifying, making, and/or using alchemical solutions.

Poison Costs: Note: Poison lore is a prerequisite for identifying, making, and/or using poisons.

Assassinate/Dodge Skill

The Assassinate Skill allows a Character to kill a victim once a day for every time the Skill is purchased. However, only rogues are allowed to have the option to use the Assassinate Skill has as a Dodge instead. The Dodge Skill will allow a Rogue once per combat to dodge any non-surprise, non area effect attack

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