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Scholars are called such due to the time they spend pouring over books and ancient tomes. The Scholar relies typically on their magical ability to see them through situations, but versatility is available to them, as they can purchase production Skills quite easily as well as master Formal Magic easier than any other class. 

Scholars are physically the weakest of all the classes with a maximum of thirty (30) Body Points and ten (10) points of armor. The physical weakness of the Scholar make it so that they best fights their opponents from a distance, only to close in for the kill when their opponents are incapacitated.

Helpful Tips

The bread and butter of a scholar is their spell column. The very first thing you’ll need to consider is what realm of magic would you like to cast from? 


Earth magic primarily involves the ability to cast healing, harming, and protective magics. There are four schools of magic within the Earth Realm: 

  • Generalist

  • Druid 

  • Healer

  • Necromancer 


Mostly considered an offensive magic, this realm focuses on ability to cast elemental and confining magics. There are three schools of magic within the Celestial Realm: 

  • Generalist

  • Elementalist

  • Confinist

Unless you are playing a race that has exceptions (e.g., Wachagga), you will begin a generalist in your chosen school of magic. Once you have hit level 10, you may opt to specialize in one of the schools of magic. Only a scholar may specialize in more than one school of magic.

Applying Rules 

Building a Spell Column

You’ve chosen your realm, but now you need to buy the skills necessary to be able to cast magic in play.In the rulebook, we mention that “spell slots must be purchased in a pyramidal format” what that means is you must have two more spell slots of the immediate lower level than the level of the spell slot they are purchasing, up to four (four-wide column). Think of building a pyramid with blocks, you must have three blocks on the bottom, then two in the middle, to balance the single block on the top. You can see the typical progression illustrated in the video below.

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