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Business Manager



Chit Signed:





Play for Free; 50 GOB per event; Earn a Lifetime Pass after 4 Years (Members with a Lifetime Pass earn double blanket and GOB out)

Role Responsibilities

- Facilitate the performance of Business branches including Offsite Logistics and Kitchen Teams
- Serve as a bridge between these and the other teams to ensure communication resource development
-Select and train new members for Offsite Logistics Team and Head of the Kitchen
- Maintain documentation and records related to rosters and team functions
- Enforce social and functionary rules across the game environment
- Serve as Rogue Marshals

Role Requisites

- Understanding of all responsibilities outlined under the Head Kitchen, Character Logistics, Check-In, Gob Store, Production/Spell Check-In ,  Tabard Cleaning , and Tag Creation roles
- Comprehensive understanding of the rules system, standard practices, history and world lore of Shadowmoor
- Problem solving and resource management skills
- Ability to train, organize and manage a team
- Ability to mediate disputes of all kinds
- Experience managing a collaborative storytelling environment
- Ability to generate, edit, and maintain records and documentation
- Ability to identify and service the needs of a community oriented business

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