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Head of Formal



Chit Signed:





10 GOB per hour onsite; 150 GOB per event

Role Responsibilities

- Oversee the operations of Formal and Craft Marshals
- Set the roster for Marshals for pre-posting before events
- Ensure Marshal resources stay stocked
- Train new Formal and Craft Marshals
- Maintain the Formal and Crafting records and documentation
- Handle detrimental alterations as described on scrolls that are ambiguous
- Handle PvP related formal rituals
- Handle all battlefield formal rituals not marshaled by plot

Role Requisites

- Ability to manage and organize a team
- Ability to facilitate communications between team members, players and other staff
- Comprehensive understanding of the Formal Ritual and Crafting Rules
- Detailed record keeping skills
- Accessibility during events
- Ability to generate, review, and maintain documentation and records

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