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New Player Team



Chit Signed:


Digital & Recruitment



10 GOB/Hour on site; 50 GOB for offsite support

Role Responsibilities

- Comprehensive understanding of safety requirements and basic game rules
- Knowledge of New Player resources and information players can access and utilize
- Ability to plan and execute introductory storylines
- Ability to educate and inspire new participants
- Comprehensive understanding of the rules system and character creation/advancement process
- Ability to direct a group conversation and instructional sessions
- Ability to keep legible and accurate records
- Basic mathematical skills
- Discretion

Role Requisites

- Create new characters for new players and assist new players with character respends
- Conduct the Coming Into Town Mod for first event players
- Conduct the New Player Mod for low level characters
- Present the New Player Safety Course
- Conduct the Onboarding meeting for first event players
- Conduct the Offboarding meeting for new players

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