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Chit Signed:




2 Hour Minimum

10 GOB per hour on site; 50 GOB per event

Role Responsibilities

- Plan and enact storylines for guilds/groups or that shape world/cultural events that span multiple seasons
- Help create and maintain documentation related to world lore and major events

Role Requisites

- Comprehensive understanding of the rules system
- Ability to generate, review, and maintain documentation and records
- Ability to educate and inspire participants
- Ability to plan, resource, and execute storylines that will engage, challenge, and entertain players
- Ability to work within and support a cohesive team
- Ability to generate and distribute tags and logistical materials appropriately
- Ability to help set up, organize, clean, pack up and maintain plot equipment as necessary
- Excellent communication and problem solving skills
- Availability to coordinate with the team and respond to player emails between events

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