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Playable Races

Shadowmoor is a diverse world full of different races, cultures, and traditions. Some race categories below encompass more races, such as the Elves have Grey, Sampan, Surface, and Primal elves.


As long as a Player can meet the make-up and costuming requirements, there is no restriction on which races they may play from the list of available Shadowmoor races below. Before creating a character, any full makeup or heavy costuming races must be approved by the Shadowmoor Race Marshal team via email ( or submitting the request through the form at the end of this page. 

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Makeup races are provided to enhance the Shadowmoor experience for a Player and everyone around them. As such, all races (except Tyrran Human) require approval from our Race Marshal team to help ensure consistency. 

Use this form to submit a photo of your makeup and costuming as you are planning to wear for your first event and any questions you may have. 

What to expect: 

You will receive a response back to the email provided with an approval or specific areas that need to be improved. 

Race Costume & Makeup Approval Form

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