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We'd love to have your help! 

Mandatory Game Shifts 

Because of the size of our game, we rely on each other to provide the maximum amount of entertainment possible. In order to keep track of that we have something called a "work chit", which is a red tag you will get at check in with your name on it. Once you have completed one of the following tasks for the game, you will get that chit signed, and then place it in your check out envelope when you leave. This will allow you to obtain your character’s build blanket. (Shadowmoor Rulebook pg. 215)

Monster Shift

One of the highlights of Shadowmoor is being able to kill and loot monsters. This combat shift allows you to play that monster with no consequence to your player character. You will be assigned stats and loot and sent out to interact with Shadowmoorians. This is a fantastic opportunity to try new things (like different weapon combinations or spell verbals) and gain hands-on learning. A monster shift is a minimum of 2 hours, but may be split into quarter hour sessions.


Available Monster Hours 

  • Friday- Game on- 4:00 AM (or Plot/Monstertown shutdown) 

  • Saturday- 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM; 8:00 PM- 4:00 AM (or Plot/Monstertown shutdown)  

  • Sunday- 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Monster Hours
Gob Earned
2 hours (minimum)
3 hours
4 hours
90 (40 + 50 gob bonus)
5 hours
100 (50 + 50 gob bonus)
6 hours
160 (60 + 100 gob bonus)
7 hours
170 (70 + 100 gob bonus)
8 hours
230 (80 + 150 gob bonus)

Tavern Shift

During this shift, you will be working in the kitchen- taking orders and prepping and delivering meals. This can be done in play as your charcter our out-of-play.  A Tavern shift is a minimum of 2 hours and a Meal Lead shift is a minimum of 4 hours.  In addition to counting as your volunteer time, you earn these additional rewards: 

Tavern Volunteer

  • 10 GOB or 10 Gold Per Hour

  • Free Meal for 4 Hours


Shift Lead

  • 10 GOB or 10 Gold/hour

  • Free meal

  • Plus 50 GOB

Volunteer Roles

Before your first game

Interested in a role? 

We're always looking for more volunteers!  Some roles are open throughout the year, some teams are formed yearly, but it's always helpful to know who has interest. Fill out the form here or reach out to directly.

Volunteer application

Thanks for letting us know!

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